Sex Confessions
Sex Confessions

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Hot under the collar
When the new graduate recruit started in the office I was instantly hot under the collar. He clearly looked after himself and his shirt was always slightly unbuttoned – just enough to give me a glimpse of that amazing body. One Friday night he joined us for our usual drinks after work, one drink led to another and he ended up spilling the beans on uni life…. The stories were detailed; threesomes, sex games, foreplay in taxis…. Just the mere thought was turning me on. That night I couldn’t help but fantasise about me and him - he had me backed into a corner, my blouse was ripped off and he was touching me all over. Pinned to the office wall he teased me for what seemed like hours followed by a long session of mind-blowing sex. I now can’t concentrate at work whenever he is around and I find myself replaying the sex scene over and over. I’m secretly hoping that he’ll stay late one night in the office and that my dreams might become a reality!
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